Agilent E3631A

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Agilent E3631A

DC power supplies are used to provide power, at a user specified voltage level and current limit. This model can provide at its outputs between 0 and +/- 25 Volts at up to 1 Amp, as well as another +6V output rated up to 5 Amps. The voltage and current level of the selected output can be adjusted on the front panel. The power supply will display the user set voltage and current levels in Limit Mode, or the actual instantaneous voltage and current values in Meter Mode.


Additional basic DC power supply models are available in the ME 330 lab including breadboards with built in power supplies. For more information on how to access or check out a power supply for course projects contact:

Lab Supervisor: Ankit Gupta


Front Panel And Interface[edit]

Front Panel
Front Panel Descriptions

Setting Voltage And Current Limit[edit]

Setting Voltage And Current LImit

File:Agilent E3631A Front Panel And Basic Settings.pdf

User Manual & Data Sheet[edit]

File:Agilent E3631A Datasheet.pdf

File:Agilent E3631A User Manual.pdf