Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Sensor Processing

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Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Sensor Processing
Sponsor: CISR
Team Name: LeBlosser
Duration: Spring 2015 - Fall 2015
Faculty Advisor:
  • Feng Li
  • Michael Santora
  • Kevin Blosser
  • Chris LeBlanc
  • To improve the analog/digital data processing system aboard the Automated Underwater Vehicles being developed by the Center for Intelligent System Research (CISR).

    Problem Definition[edit]

    The current analog/digital data processing system is too large and has too much noise. It also is unable to off-load the data without opening up the AUVs. Our main goals are to reduce the size of the system, reduce the noise and add wireless capabilities.


    Why Have Sensors on the AUVs The sensors on the AUV allows for extensive data collection that can be used to navigate, identify ships, and detect anomalies in the water. This task is critical as an extension for naval weapons systems.


  • Ability to record 6 differential channels at 16 kHz
  • Meet Navy's storage specifications
  • Wireless offload of information
  • info block diagram


  • Reduce the size of the processor
  • Reduce noise from the sensor
  • Add wireless capabilities
  • Design[edit]

    Design includes the testing and selection of the amplification system, wireless system, data storage, and the ADC processor block. The first component to be designed was the amplification system.

    Noise Comparison Between Amplifiers


  • Amplification
  • Extensive testing of the amplification system has been conducted to ensure maximum noise reduction as told in the deliverables. This included comparing three different amplifiers, the carderock (ONR), instrumentation amplifier (INA), and the dexter amplifier. To test them a spectrum analyzer was used to compare frequency responses and a Matlab code was then implemented to compare the noises. Here are the results of the comparisons:

    Project Learning[edit]

  • Characterized current sensors amplifiers noise
  • tested multiple amplifiers for comparison
  • Team Information[edit]

    2015 AUV Kevin.png
    Kevin Blosser Interests: Electromagnetic Theory and Antennas.
    Electrical Engineering
    Hometown: Boise, ID
    2015 AUV Chris2.jpg
    Chris LeBlanc Interests: Digital Design and Software.
    Computer Engineering
    Hometown: San Diego, CA

    Document Archive[edit]

    Meeting minutes and agendas: Media:2105 AUV meetingminutes.PNG