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A BFF Search Results Page


This project is a continuation of Team BFF's Bassoon Fingering Finder App, a project which was conducted as a UI Senior Design project in 2012. This project laid down an excellent base product, allowing us to work from a foundation. The beginning of this project will be concentrated around fixing bugs in the existing software, while the latter half will consist of adding new features/functionality to the existing product. We were able to transfer ownership of the GitHub Repository and the Heroku-hosted live version of the app so that we can properly continue development.

Our primary client is Dr. Susan Hess from the University of Idaho Music Department. Luke Bakken, a software engineer and bassoonist with the Spokane Symphony, will act as a secondary client.

Team Members

Pierce Trey Ryan Sacksteder
caption Ryan Sacksteder
Pierce is a senior in computer science from Bozeman, Montana. He enjoys playing the 'cello, guitar and mandolin and is pursuing a music minor in addition to his major. Pierce is a student leader in UI Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship and enjoys spending time with his wonderful wife, Erica. Ryan is a senior in computer science from Athol, Idaho. In his spare time, Ryan enjoys playing a variety of sports such as ultimate frisbee, basketball, and football. Ryan is also part of Cru, a campus ministry here at the University of Idaho. Ryan will be working for Chief Architect (a 3D home design software company) post-graduation.

Problem Statement

BFF is an existing web application used to look up bassoon fingerings for a note or series of notes. We will continue development on BFF, fixing existing issues and implementing a few new features. The application is currently being hosted here.

Design Goals/Deliverables

During the design phase we will be working with the client to produce designs for new features, as well as improved designs for existing functionality which does not meet the customer’s vision. Design deliverables will include sketches as well as prototypes. Deliverables should be approved by the customer before final implementation.

Design Review

Our initial design review is scheduled for Tuesday, November 5, 2013 at 3:30pm. A copy of our presentation can be found here.

Table of Specifications

General Requirement Specific Requirement Target Values
Portable The application should be resilient across a variety of devices. The application should be compatible with any device with a web browser.
The application should be resilient across modern web browsers. The application should be fully compatible with the current versions of the following browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari.
Speed The application should respond to user input in a minimal amount of time. The period from a user input to application output should be no more than three seconds under standard internet connectivity.
Ease of Use The application should have a user interface which is easily understood and operated. The user should be able to make use of full functionality without the presence of a help page (though it may still be available).
Stability The application should not crash under normal use. No crashes. In the event that a problem occurs, the user should be given an appropriate error message.
Security User information should be secure within the application. User information should be kept private. Proper authentication will be required to make a change to account settings.
Validity The application should only display valid note fingerings. Only fingerings approved by a site administrator will be made public to all users.

Project Learning

Part of our Project Learning involved getting more familiar with the existing web application and logging issues at our GitHub issue tracker.

Screenshots of existing application

Add a Fingering Page
All Fingerings Listing
All Fingerings Listing

Screenshots of Finished Project

Admin view of All Fingerings Page
Admin view of Add Fingering Page
Edit User Page

Client Interviews

We met with our client a couple of times in the first few weeks of the semester in order to formulate a Statement of Work detailing the expectations for the project during the Fall 2013 semester of Senior Design. Notes from our initial client contact can be found here. Further client meeting notes of significance can be found here and here


Concept Development

Model View Controller Diagram
All Fingerings Mockup 1
BFF Deployment Diagram
All Fingerings Mockup 2