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Visible Particle Inspection Device[edit]

Problem Statement: To design and build an inspection device that will detect particles present in fluid contained in both 2.25mL and 10mL glass syringes as well cracks in the syringes themselves.

Team Members[edit]

  • Nick Rodriguez (Electrical Engineering Student)
    • Hails from Pocatello, Idaho.
  • Nate Pueschel (Mechanical Engineering Student)
    • Hails from Boise, Idaho.
  • Justin Herrick (Mechanical Engineering Student)
    • Hails from Eagle River, Alaska.
  • Greg Atkinson (Mechanical Engineering Student)
    • Hails from Gig Harbor, Washington.

Project Description[edit]

2.5 mL syringe on top, 10 mL syringe on bottom


  • The device needs to clearly display a pass/fail indication for each syringe inspected so that the operator can separate the 'good' syringes from the 'bad'.

Passing Requirements

  • No visible cracks on the glass
  • No particles over 40 microns (Human eye smallest viewing)
  • Proper level of head space between the liquid and the stopper


  • Under 2' by 3' base dimension
  • Approximately inspects one syringe/second
  • Clear, easy to understand, pass/fail indications
  • Must operate in refrigerated environment (5°C ± 3°C)
  • LED lighting that provides good contrasts

Current Rough Concept[edit]

First major rough draft of concept

Main Ideas

  • Two stations so that the machine can be running at all times
  • Fully automated so that there is little human factor involved
  • Use a Micro-controller to be the brains of the operation
  • Camera to take pictures of the syringes
  • Those pictures will run through an analysis program to determine if the syringes are clean
  • LED lights will show if the syringes are clean or not
  • Loading station to unload/load the syringes

Technology and Software[edit]




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