Data Acquisition System for Synchronous Generator Transient Performance

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Sponsors SEL
Team Name PREW Generation
Duration Fall 2018 - Spring 2019
Faculty Advisor Dr. Brian Johnson
Mentor Hussain Beleed
Clients Dr. Normann Fischer / SEL

Matchyaraju Alla / SEL

Team Members Abdulwahab Aljabrine

ZhenWei Wu

Renjie Xia

Elliott Sher

The goal of this project is to create a data acquisition system for a synchronous generator under transient conditions. When a fault clears in a power system, the load angle will increase and potentially cause the generator to slip a pole. This data acquisition system will be used to analyze systems as they near this condition.

Project Scope[edit]

Our project is to create a fully automated system to acquire measurements from a 20KV synchronous generator under transient conditions. We will operate the generator under rated conditions with a typical load. At a given point in time, we decrease or eliminate the field current. The generator will response in a predictable manner with correlated variations over time in speed, torque, load phase angle, terminal voltage, terminal current, field current, field voltage and power. We want to measure the variations accurately and record them in a correlated fashion. This data will be used to create software and hardware that protects the synchronous generator from deleterious effects of variations in the things that we measure.

Project Requirements[edit]

We need to find a single device with 14 analog input that accept V&I as input signals and at least 10kHZ sample rate to measure current. NI USB 6356 (But it is not synchronous with 8 analog input, 1.25 MS/s sample rate, we need 14 analog input and at least 1kHZ sample rate). Current/Voltage Lems (we need to test first or we need to build a suitable one to measure the field current). Measurements must be time synchronized. Monitoring and storing stream measurements.


This is the current topology of the data acquisition system.

Prew topology.png

Hardware Devices[edit]

PXI 6251

PXI 8108




National Instruments LabVIEW

System Topology[edit]

The topology is currently being redone


Device Requirement: Cost to buy devices probably cost $3000. Extra Hardware Cost Requirement: Cost to buy extra software probably cost $150 ( Cables connectors such as SHC68-68-EPM,SHC68-68-EP and SHC68-68, the type of device connector is VHDCI and the type of accessory connector is SCSI ). Poster Cost Requirement: Cost to make a poster in next year probably $100.

Prew budget 11 19 18.png

Project Learning[edit]

The LEMs are designed in 1996, therefore we want to test them and find out if there are still working. The figure below represents the data of the actual measurements and the LEMs measurements. We did come up with a relationship between these measurements. We did plot this relationship in the figure below, the slope of this line is representing the ratio of step down the voltages and currents

Final Design[edit]

To be completed


To be completed

|[[File: |180px|thumb|left]]|

Team Members[edit]

Prew wahab.jpeg Abdulwahab Aljabrine

Major: Electrical Engineering
Graduation Date:
Future Goals:

Prew preston.jpeg ZhenWei Wu

Major: Electrical Engineering
Graduation Date:
Future Goals:

Prew roger.jpeg Renjie Xia

Major: Electrical Engineering
Graduation Date:
Future Goals:

Prew elliott.jpeg Elliott Sher

Major: Electrical Engineering
Graduation Date:
Future Goals:

Additional Documentation[edit]

Team Contract

File:Prew teamcontract.pdf

Project Schedule


Meeting Minutes

File:Prew meetingminutes.pdf


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File:Prew snapshot1.pdf
File:Prew meeting1.pdf
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