Dehydrating Mustard Extract

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Team Name Spicy Extract
Duration Fall 2020 - Spring 2021
Faculty Adviser
  • Dr. Brian He
  • Dr. Inna Popova
Team Members
  • Sophia Bowen
  • Leslie Hurtado

The goal of the project is to get an aqueous mustard extract solution at least 50% dry using a flash evaporator and shorten the overall drying time for the mustard extract. All while still being able to have a shelf-stable, shippable powder.

Problem Definition[edit]


Mustard plants produce value oils and chemicals that can be processed into fuel and glucosinolates, respectively. Glucosinolates show promise of being used as biopesticides. Dr. Popova’s lab currently uses mustard meal after the oil has been pressed out to extract the glucosinolates. However the drying time takes three days for a 10-gallon batch, this is a bottleneck in the entire process.


We plan to develop a flash evaporator for $1000 or less. We will conduct tests to make sure we use the proper equipment, such as check valve, pump, nozzle, and heat source. We will also have to measure the glucosinolate yields to make sure there are no inefficiencies in our system or thermal degradation. This process has to be faster than freeze drying, ideally reducing the overall time by at least half. The final product must be a dry, shelf-stable powder. We cannot use chemicals that would prevent the final product from being used in organic farming.


Design Considerations[edit]

2019 SpicyExtract InitialDesign.jpg This initial design was given to us by Dr. Popova. This influenced our current design.

2019 SpicyExtract FallDesign.jpg Our current design consideration as of December 2020. It will be adjusted, if needed, as more testing is done.

2019 SpicyExtract Testing.jpg We have used this setup to test out a couple of pumps. We will use this next semester to make sure our check valve and nozzle work as expected.

Project Learning[edit]

Final Design[edit]


Team Members[edit]

[[File: |thumb|left]]

Sophia Bowen
Major: Biological Engineering

[[File: |thumb|left]]

Leslie Hurtado
Major: Biological Engineering
Hometown: Rupert, Idaho

Additional Documentation[edit]

Project Schedule

File:2020 SpicyExtract ProjectSchedule.pdf

Meeting Minutes

File:2020 SpicyExtract FallMeetingMinutes.pdf


File:2020 SpicyExtract Snapshot1.pdf
File:2020 SpicyExtract ConceptDesignReview.pdf
File:2020 SpicyExtract Snapshot2.pdf

Client Interview