Electronic Fuel Control for GE-T58 Gas Turbine

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Electronic Fuel Control for GE-T58 Gas Turbine
Sponsor: Burly Products
Team Name: The Yacht Club
Duration: Fall 2014 - Spring 2015
Faculty Advisor:
  • Rory Lilly
  • Joey Gibson
  • Dillon Quenzer
  • Andrew Sedgwick
  • Replace a mechanical fuel controller for a gas turbine engine with an electronically controlled fuel controller that will measure EGT, turbine speeds, TPS, and thermocouple readings. Develop a programmed controller that will respond to these readings and output fuel to nozzles and stator vane actuator. The fuel to nozzles and stator vane actuator will be controlled via 2 and 4 way valves, respectively. The valves will be packed within an aluminum manifold and be able to bolt into the proper location on the engine.

    Problem Definition

    Background The GE-T58 currently uses a complex mechanical fuel control that provides kerosene to the stator actuator and the fuel nozzles. This unit is extremely difficult to service and tune. The rebuild costs have been estimated around $15,000.00, while only a few places have the proper equipment to perform this service.

    Deliverables The electronic fuel control will be packaged within a sealed aluminum manifold. Inside this manifold will be industrial off the shelf valves, hoses, fittings, and hydraulic controller. The aluminum manifold will have flanges to attach the existing fuel pump and tach generator. The unit will be a bolt on replacement with minor adjustments.


    Programmed hydraulic controller
    •Read type K thermocouples for Exhaust Gas Temperature (EGT)
    •Read intake air temperature with thermistor
    •Read Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) (0-5V)
    •Read turbine 1 (N1) and turbine 2 (N2) speed
    Two-way hydraulic valve
    •Supply fuel to 16 fuel nozzles
    •Control using Pulse Width Modulation (PWM)
    •Vary PWM using controller inputs
    •Governing feature to close valve at N2 speed of 105%
    Four-way hydraulic valve
    •Supply fuel to stator vane actuator
    •Open and close compressor guide vanes
    •Supply correct quantity of fuel for timing of compressor guide vanes
    •Supply voltage of 10V

    Project Learning

    GE-T58 Gas Turbine

    •7 stages of compressors, first 3 are stationary
    •Stator vane actuator which controls first 3 compressors
    •2 stages of turbines, N1 and N2
    •16 fuel nozzles to combustion chamber
    •Fuel pump is powered by N1
    •Tach generator outputs N2 speed: 4200 rpm (tach) = 100% (N2)
    •8 thermocouple EGT readings
    Existing Mechanical Fuel Controller
    Tach Generator Side
    Throttle Position Side

    Thermodynamic Analysis

    A gasifier turbine cycle was used to analyze the GE-T58 gas turbine. The knowns were given from previous dynamometer runs.

    Gasifier turbine cycle

    • A energy balance was used to solve for the unknowns

    • Knowledge of the gasifier turbine shaft being connected to the compressors

    • Calculating compressor efficiency

    • Neglect pressure drop through combustion chamber


    New Electronic Manifold
    Tach Generator Flange on Right with Valves on Front Face
    Fuel Pump Flange on Left with Valves on Front Face
    Tach Generator and Thermocoupler Converter Inside
    Tach Generator and Thermocoupler Converter Inside
    New Electronic Manifold Installed on Turbine
    N2 Cable Connected
    N2 Cable Connected
    Bolted to Fuel Pump
    Bolted to Fuel Pump

    Team Members

    ElectronicFuelControl GE-T58 joey.jpg
    Joey Gibson Interests: Dirtbikes, snowmobiles, guns, and the outdoors

    Life Goals: Work in Engineering Industry and eventually own a Engineering firm.

    Mechanical Engineering Student
    Hometown: Nampa, ID
    Email: gibs0865@vandals.uidaho.edu
    ElectronicFuelControl GE-T58 Dillon.jpg
    Dillon Quenzer Interests: Any type of outdoor activity: snowmobiling, dirtbiking, and boating.

    Life Goals: Graduate with B.S. in Mechanical Engineering and become Development Engineer

    Mechanical Engineering Student
    Hometown: Nampa, ID
    Email: quen4230@vandals.uidaho.edu
    ElectronicFuelControl GE-T58 andrew.jpg
    Andrew Sedgwick Interests: Exploring the outdoors and aerospace

    Life Goals: Becoming a Aerospace Engineer and designing aircraft components

    Mechanical Engineering Student
    Hometown: Post Falls, ID
    Email: sedg9633@vandals.uidaho.edu

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