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This help page will quickly get your account and first page set up!

Creating a log in

  1. click Create account on the upper right hand corner
  2. username should be the prefix of your vandal email
  3. email should be your vandal email
  4. complete form and click Create account

Setup Account

  1. log in
  2. click on your name in the upper left hand corner
  3. Click on the create tab
    1. Add your name and email to the page
    2. Add your signiture using four tildas: ~~~~
  4. click here and add your signature under you project name by typing four tildas: ~~~~

Create a page

  1. Read through the Page Names section under Developers'_Bulletin 11/12/13 entry
  2. enter the desired page name (exactly) into the search box
  3. if the page doesn't exist, click the name highlighted in red
  4. add some content
  5. click 'Save page' button

Setting up a page

  1. Click 'Discussion' (upper left corner)
    1. add your signature(using ~~~~) on the discussion page.
    2. on the very last line of your page add a category [[Category:CategoryName]]
      1. valid choices: Capstone Design, Mindworks

Editing your page

  1. Click the edit tab
  2. Add the following to your page: (See: Wikipedia:Cheatsheet)
  • section 2, 3, 4 header (never use a section 1 header, page title are section 1s)
  • bulleted list
  • numbered List
  • mixed numbered/bulleted list using tabs
  • picture in thumb mode, aligned to the left of page, and width of 400 px
    • File names must start with the year project started and project name
      • ex. 2014_projectName_fileName
  • an internal link to another page
  • an external link
  • a reference
    • Note: the above link is for, which does their references slightly differently. Inserting {{reflist}} underneath the ==References== section will not work. Instead use <references/> html hash tag
    • See 3D_Printing for an example of implementation. Or view the Example Page
  • 3 tables from Developers'_Bulletin

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