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Welcome to the University of Idaho's College of Engineering's Wiki. The wiki was originally conceptualized to handle limitations of the Department of Mechanical Engineering's legacy Mindworks website. During the summer 2013 Lean Manufacturing course the wiki was born and started supporting kaizen projects. In less than a year, the wiki has been expanded to support College of Engineering capstone design projects. The wiki is planned to soon support faculty research, graduate research, internship/job posting, student projects/clubs, class instruction. The wiki is currently supported with the direction of Dr. Beyerlein and mantained by M.E. undergraduate student Sam Childress through a part time appointment.

Statistics and site breakdown

  • 80+ capstone design pages
  • 30+ kaizen projects

Getting involved

If you are not in capstone design, lean manufacturing, or ME404 and would like to contribute content please contact Dr. Beyerlein or Sam Childress. If you are interested in becoming a developer please contact Dr. Beyerlein.

Using the help documentation

All help documentation is listed at Help:Contents. You are currently at the first page of that documentation. When you are ready to get started use the yellow bar at the bottom of the page to navigate to the next help page.

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