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Standards are broken down into pages, tables, and templates. This page serves as a collective list of all active standards.

Page Types[edit]

Capstone Design Band-Beesten rolling drum set
Kaizen Project Cutter Types (Mill)
Snippet 10 bit rotary magnetic encoder (AS5040)


Overview of active tables
Standard:IDTable Identification table Picture/Text combo. Used to identify and describe a set of objects, or used to document steps in a procedure.
Standard:ADTable Advantages/Disadvantages table Three column table. First column has a picture with caption, the second typical contains a bulleted list of advantages, and the third with disadvantages.
Standard:Infobox Project Infobox table A nice table which holds a 4:3 picture, and provides important generic information. Table should always be used a top of page
Standard:ChecklistTable Checklist table Used to create standardized checklists. Should be used as a quick reference (after completing the task several times with detailed material).


Overview of active templates
Template:Nowrap HTML table with Nowrap property Generally used by admins to format code examples.
Template:Stub Stub note Added to pages that are too short to be usable. Asks viewer to help contribute to expand article
Template:Distinguish Article distinguishing Offers other possible alternative articles for the particular title page
Template:WIP Work In Progress Used to let users know the page they are viewing is currently being developed and not in a usable state.

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