Industrial controls lab exercises 2.0

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Sponsors Brian Johnson
Team Name Men of Thunder
Duration Fall 2020 - Spring 2021
Faculty Adviser Brian Johson
Mentor Smadi Abdallah
Client Brain Johson K and Joe Stanley
Team Members
  • Yuhao Li
  • Yi Ding
  • Yifan Zhu

The industrial control system has an increasing use in research projects. In order to provide a better understanding of the behavior of industrial control system, the related lab exercises were created.


The goal is to propose an approach for off-campus students to do some form of lab exercises for ECE 444 etc, either through remote access or computer simulation. Do some edits, modifications, or others for the lab materials by the previous senior design team.


Setup remote control guides for both students and TA Try to design a new experiment based on the SCADA system for application

Value statement[edit]

Evaluated lab materials created by the previous senior design team Propose an approach for off-campus to do some form of exercise. Either through remote access or computer simulation.

Project visioning[edit]

Remotely do 3 labs in ECE 444 and lab 1,2,5 for the 2019-2020 senior design team. For the third lab in the senior team, try best to make it and the fourth lab is not compulsorily required.

Project Learning[edit]

- Review of ECE444 Labs

·ECE444/544’s 3 labs teach students to use raspberry pi for a better understanding of 'Spanning Tree Topology' and 'Ladder' Network Topology They are both used in SCADA systems.

- Review of Labs in 2019-2020 team

Lab1 learning

·Use Putty to connect the SEL-849, change the IP settings and Putty settings

·Need someone in the lab to help

·We recommend TeamViewer for Remote Control, but still need someone to help prepare and connect the device

·Purpose: Set up the basic system

Lab2 learning

·Students will use SEL RTAC and KoCoS ARTES 460 to connect the lab1 device. Then use RTAC to record the current and voltage changes

·We recommend TeamViewer for Remote Control, but still need someone to help prepare and connect the device

·Also, it requires the basic knowledge of power system, and the basic idea of the relay

·Purpose: Connect extra device to watch the current and voltage change

Lab3 learning

·This lab adds SEL AcSELerator to create a HMI, human-machine interface. To be noticed, it better chooses motor instead of KoCoS, it might be unable to start or shut down the HMI system

·This lab requires patience and the clear logic. It definitely requires someone in the lab to help connect the wires and connections

·Purpose: This lab makes the supplement of previous labs. It teaches students to use the HMI and they can set up their own tests

Lab4 learning

·Use SEL-351 connected to the previous system for commissioning

·This lab can be performed before lab 3 and after lab 2. It doesn’t require HMI

·This lab is more complicated compared the previous 3 labs

·We don’t suggest this lab to do remotely since students have to focus on the data changes at a short time

Lab5 learning

·This lab uses QuickSet, it defines 3 admins: Supervisor, Engineer, IT

·Supervisor has the full access, Engineer has access to Connect, ACC, and 2AC, IT has access to connect only. It does give the system security by providing different administrators different access

·This lab requires a lot of hardware, we don’t think it is a good idea to perform it online

-Network Emulation Software Comparison

Network emulation softwares.png

-Remote Control Software Comparison

Remote Control Software Comparison.png

Project schedule[edit]

File:Project schedule 2020-2021.pdf

Team budget[edit]

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Team Members[edit]

Additional Documentation[edit]

-Meeting minutes

File:2020 team weekly meeting minutes 0910.pdf

-Snapshot Days