Keithley 3390

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Keithley 3390

A function generator is a piece of equipment used to generate electrical waveforms, in the form of a time-varying voltage. Different types of waveforms can be generated over a range of frequencies. Common waveforms include sine, square, triangle and sawtooth waves. Other repeating waves, as well as arbitrary waves and noise can also be generated. A function generator is commonly used to simulate input signals used to test or develop equipment or circuits. It can also be used for calibrating test equipment such as oscilloscopes.

This model only has one output channel, but is capable of producing frequencies up to 50MHz. There is no external frequency counter feature on this model.


Two function generator models are available in the ME 330 lab including the Tektronix AFG1022. For more information on how to access or check out this machine for course projects contact:

Lab Supervisor: Ankit Gupta


Front Panel And Interface[edit]

Front Panel

File:Keithley 3390 Front Panel With Descriptions.pdf

File:Keithley 3390 Specifications.pdf

User Manual & Data Sheet[edit]

File:Keithley 3390 Datasheet.pdf

File:Keithley 3390 User Manual.pdf