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KickShot Logo

The goal for this project is to create a Junior level version of KickShot to the Android OS.

Aziz Makhani:

local youth and adult soccer referee.

Problem Definition


KickShot the board game was invented by Aziz Makhani to help educate children of all ages about the rules of soccer. Aziz has requested that the board game be translated to an Android application. This semester (Spring 2014) will be the forth semester that this project has been undertaken by students in the Computer Science department. The difference between this project and the past semester project is that we are doing a version of KickShot Junior while they were attempting to implement a version of KickShot WarmUp.

Problem Statement

To create and deliver an Android Application that successfully epitomizes the gameplay of KickShot Junior

Target Specifications

Android 4.3 (Jelly Bean) and previous

Goals for this semester

80% of the KickShot Junior has been done at the last semester, but it takes more time to finish another 20%. For this semester, we aimed to add animations, sounds, new main menu layout, and other specific details, which helps players make more sense on what they get when playing. We want to make the game looks nice and more professional. After finishing the junior level, we will publish it to the google store. What's more, we will try to have as many as possible design work on KickShot Warmup.

What we have done

Most of the animations, half of the sounds, most of the menu layouts, most of the user experience.

What are still in process

For Junior, we need to fix the location of the ball, need a new, better dice rolling animation, get rest of the sounds working.

Team: Red Card Dev

Jordan Leithart:

Jordan is a Senior majoring in Computer Science, with fields of interest in computer game programming, artificial intelligence, computer graphics, tools engineering.

Robert Kleffner:

Robert is a Junior majoring in Computer Science.

Tao Zhang:

Tao is a Junior majoring in Computer Science, interested with computer game programming.