Morse-Taper Drills

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Morse taper, morse taper drill, and drift punch

When to Use a Morse-Taper Drills[edit | edit source]

  • Used when a hole larger than 1/2" is needed
  • Can be used on the mill, lathe, and big drill press in the shop

Guide to Using Morse-Taper Drills[edit | edit source]

NOTE: Do not attempt to chuck Morse taper drills into a standard drill chuck. Their tapered shaft is not compatible with standard non tapered drill chucks.

Location[edit | edit source]

Morse taper drills, sleeves, and drift punches are located in the top two drawers on the left side of the large grey tool box (#3) across from Russ' office in the shop.

Tool box in the shop with Morse taper drills, sleeves, and drift punches.

Assembly[edit | edit source]

Step Illustration
If a drill chuck is inserted into machine, remove it by inserting a drift punch into slot and tap drift with a lead hammer. Hold drill chuck with other hand to prevent it from dropping. Using drift punch to remove drill chuck from mill.
Wipe the tapered part of the Morse drill bit's shaft to ensure a clean surface.
Next, insert bit into sleeve, mill, lathe, or drill press and rotate until flat tab on bit falls into slot.
If inserting into a sleeve, hold the assembly upside down and tap with medium force onto a hard surface once or twice to seat drill bit. Tapping to seat drill bit in morse taper sleeve.
If inserting into drill press, mill, or lathe, tap end of bit with a lead hammer once or twice using medium force to seat bit. CAUTION! USE ONLY A LEAD HAMMER! Other hammers will damage or dull the bit. Tapping with lead hammer to insert Morse taper bit.
Follow the same procedure for using regular drills regarding safety, cutting speed, etc.

Disassembly[edit | edit source]

Step Illustration
To remove bit from drill press, mill or lathe, insert drift into slot and tap with a lead hammer until bit releases. Keep one hand on bit to keep it from falling. Using drift punch to remove Morse taper bit from mill.
To remove from sleeve, either follow the last procedure, or you may tap drift by striking it on a hard surface while it is inserted into the slot on the sleeve. Tapping drift punch against a hard surface to remove Morse taper bit from sleeve.
To reinstall drill chuck, first retract jaws below the body so that they are not damaged by the lead hammer.
Correct position
Incorrect position
Next replace the drill chuck, rotating until tab lines up with slot.
Last, tap once or twice with lead hammer using medium force to seat drill chuck.
Using lead hammer to re-seat drill chuck in mill.

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