NASA Ames Suborbital Flight Communication

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Sponsor ISGC [1]
Team Name Team SCUBEE
Duration Fall 2018 - Spring 2019
Faculty Advisors
  • Feng Li
  • Dan Cordon
  • Melissa Bogert
  • Marcus Murbach / NASA Ames
  • Forrest Tanner / NASA Ames
Team Members
  • Hunter Barnett
  • Avery Brock
  • Hunter Kanniainen
  • Tim White
  • Yi Yang

The goal of the project is to develop a faster and more reliable communication system for satellites.

Problem Definition[edit]


Previous Projects
Date Project Description Result
1999 Deep Space 2 Test martian soil samples, and communicate results back to earth. Failure — Dead battery
2016-17 Satellite Development Improve communications between flight experiments and ground stations. Ongoing — taken over by the ACOM project.
2017-18 ACOM Improve communications between flight experiments and ground stations. Ongoing — taken over by this project.

The background of the project is unknown.


The primary goal of this project has us provide a development board for the 9523 Iridium modem, that breaks out all functionality, and a communications library for the development board that runs on a microcontroller.

The secondary goal of this project has us provide an example TDRV implementation of this project. The TDRV must have a 9523 Iridium modem, the development board, a microcontroller, a GPS receiver, an altimeter, a temperature sensor, and a camera. In addition, the TDRV must store all data on-board in case of communication failure, and must be able to survive re-entry.


Electrical Design[edit]

The design of the project's electrical components is currently unknown.

Mechanical Design[edit]

The design of the project's mechanical components is currently unknown.

Software Design[edit]

The design of the project's software components is currently unknown.

Team Members[edit]

Hunter Barnett

Major: Computer Science

2018 SCUBEE photo brock.jpg
Avery Brock

Major: Electrical Engineering
Biography: Avery Brock is an Electrical Engineering student from the Seattle area. When not busy with classes he enjoys developing his own projects ranging from Jacob's ladders to IoT devices. His primary interests are aerospace and robotics and hopes to pursue those topics for his master's degree.

2018 SCUBEE photo kanniainen.jpg
Hunter Kanniainen

Major: Mechanical Engineering
Biography: Coming from Vancouver, Washington, Hunter Kanniainen is a mechanical engineering student with a strong focus on design and analysis. Hunter has designed robotic components for Dr. Joel Perry’s BLUE SABINO project as well as completing an internship at NASA’s Ames Research Center. At NASA, Hunter designed test components for small satellites and used FEA analysis to determine their effectiveness in application. Hunter is returning to NASA to work full time after graduation in 2019.

Tim White

Major: Mechanical Engineering
Biography: Tim is a mechanical engineering student at the University of Idaho and has a passion for prototyping, problem solving and intersecting business and engineering products. He plans on getting his MBA after his undergraduate program.

Yi Yang

Major: Electrical Engineering

Additional Documentation[edit]