Next Gen FHSAE Engine

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Next Generation FSAE Engine Design
Full Engine Render
Team Name Vandalbilt
Duration Fall 2014 - Spring 2015
Faculty Sponsor Dr. Edwin Odom
Faculty Advisor Dr. Dan Cordon
Mentor Matt Kologi
Team Members Tim Hammer, Kris Davis, David Schiff, Jake Gilles
Team Logo

The purpose of this project is to design and manufacture a robust platform for testing and development on the next generation SAE car.

Problem Definition

Design a robust platform for testing and optimization of the next generation Formula SAE vehicle utilizing a KTM 540 motorcycle engine and a small frame drivetrain.


The mechanical engineering department's Formula Hybrid car has been doing well in recent years at competition and now would like to experiment with the idea of venturing into the larger displacement and more competitive Formula SAE competition. This competition has major U.S. schools sending cars with full aerodynamics, carbon fiber frames, and budgets greater than $300k. Currently we do not have the backing to directly compete with these cars and their budgets, but we have shown we can design some very innovative and high quality components. This has encouraged us to try our hand at repackaging a KTM 540 motor into a few different configurations and showing our results at the national competition in hopes of gaining new funding and just impressing the competition.



• Disassemble the KTM 540 engine and utilize Designworkz to trace complex geometry
• Make detailed measurements using calipers and micrometers
• Construct a CAD model of the engine in Solidworks
• When drivetrain is procured, disassemble and obtain measurements for CAD modeling
• Determine optimal drivetrain configuration for maximum efficiency


• Construct car frame and body in Solidworks around the optimal configuration
• Utilize engineering analysis on engine, frame and drivetrain using computer models (MATLAB and ABAQUS) and hand calculations to guide design
• Manufacture/Procure materials and parts to create final product


• KTM engine must be modeled as accurately as possible
• Drivetrain must be realistic for engine size/capability
• Frame design must be compact and lightweight
• Several drivetrain configurations must be designed and compared to determine the balance between reality and efficiency
• FSAE rules and regulations must be followed and factored into the design

Project Learning

• Gain experience with 3D modeling of real world parts
• Understand the complex workings of a highly refined engine
• Adapt and re-engineer sections of the engine and transmission to work with the updated design
• Understand the changes that need to be made based on experience from the hybrid engine


KTM Engine Cross Section
Exploded Clutch
Oil Pump Exploded
Drivetrain Design (3 to 1 Ring and Pinion)
Full Drivetrain with Plates
Machined and Assembled Layout


Team Information

Picture Bio Discipline
Vandalbilt tim.jpg
Tim Hammer
Tim is a senior in the mechanical engineering program at the University of Idaho. He hails from Arlington, Washington, where he attended community college and obtained a transfer degree before moving to Idaho to complete a ME degree.
Mechanical Engineering
Vandalbilt kris.jpg
Kris Davis
Kris is a senior pursuing a degree in mechanical engineering at U of I. Previous work experience includes an internship at ATK with the Continuous Improvement Department, as well as being the lead mechanic at the U of I farm. In his free time, Kris likes snowboarding, hunting, hiking and riding motorcycles.
Mechanical Engineering

Vandalbilt david.jpg
David Schiff
David is pursuing a mechanical engineering degree at U of I and is currently a senior in the program. Previous work experience involves interning with Quantum Composers in Bozeman, MT working on research and design for solid state laser systems and components. He considers learning to be a lifelong goal and his free time activities include mountain biking and spending quality time with friends.
Mechanical Engineering
Vandalbilt Jake.jpg
Jake Gilles
Jake is studying mechanical engineering at U of I, with a hope of working in a R&D position with a focus on fabrication. He has previously worked with HDR Inc. and the Bureau of Reclamation as an intern. Originally he is from Sequim, WA and he likes to snowboard and mountain bike in his free time.
Mechanical Engineering

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