Posting Instructions (MasterCAM)

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Start MasterCAM
Configuration (needed once)
Add mills
Toolbar: Machine TypeMillManage list

Machine Definitionwindow: BRIDGEPORT_MILL.MMD-6AddHAAS_MILL.MMD-6AddOK (check mark)

Add lathes
Toolbar: Machine TypeLatheManage list

Machine Definition window: BRIDGEPORT_LATHE.LMD-6AddHAAS_LATHE.MMD-6AddOK (check mark)

Default editor
Toolbar: SettingsConfiguration...

System Configuration window: Start / Exit (row) → Editor (Section) → CIMCOOK (check mark)

Configuration (old files)
Open File
Update machine
Operations Manager (sub window): Toolpaths (tab) → Properties - Machine definition created by... (expand) → FilesMachine - Toolpath Copy (section) → Replace

Open Machine Definition File (window): Select correct machine → Open
Operations Manager (sub window): OK (check mark)

Post code
Operations (sub window): Toolpaths (tab) → Post selected operation (G1 button)

Post processing (window): NC file (section) → Send to machine (check yes) → Communications
Comunications (window): Comunications (dropdown list) → CimcoDMCSet external Communications
DNC Setup (window): Machines (section) → Select correct machine → OK
Comunications (window): OK (check mark)
Post processing (window): OK (check mark)

Save File
Prepare machine
HAAS HMI: LIST PROG → Scroll to bottom → All → RCV RS232
Send code
CIMCO (window): review code → close window

(##%)Sending:... (window): wait for transfer → Close