Printing Steps (MakerBot)

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Th printing steps for the MakerBot are listed below:

• Save your model as an STL file


• Open MakerBot Desktop from start menu


Note: You can download Makerbot desktop for free at the MakerBot website for use on your own personal computer (

• Locate your STL file and drag it into the MakerBot Viewport


• Use the View tab to display various orientations or simply click and drag within the view port to orient around your part. Rotate your part to a desired x,y,z orientation orientation by clicking either + or – 90 degress or enter values manually. Click lay flat to make sure the all the bottom part touches the glass plate.


Note: The MakerBot prints layers in a vertical fashion, thus choose your rotation such that edges do not create overhangs.

• Move your part to a desired location by dragging the part around in the view port or enter values manually in the x,y,z format. Click on platform to ensure your part is correctly placed on the MakeBot plate (printing surface).


• Use the Scale tab to scale your part if necessary.


Note: Parts you open in this program are initially at the scale from which they were modeled, i.e, Solidworks or other modelling software.

• Select the MakerBot model you wish to print from ( Replicator 5th generation or Replicator 2)

• Recommended settings:

- Select Standard resolution

- Infill to 20%

- Set Number of shells to 3

- Select Raft to help keep your part from warping. Typically for use with large parts or flat plates

- Turn on Supports if your part cannot be oriented in such a way to prevent overhangs.

• Click print to begin exporting your model

• Click Export Now and save to your flash drive

• Place your flashdrive in MakerBot and select print

• Locate USB storage