Printing Steps (MakerBot)

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The printing steps for the MakerBot are listed below:

  • Save your model as an "STL" file
  • Open your 3D printer desktop icon from start menu
  • Locate your STL file and drag it into the "Viewport"
Saving the Model
Opening MakerBot
Loading File
  • Use the "View" tab to display various orientations or simply click and drag within the View Port to orient around your part. Rotate your part to a desired x,y,z orientation orientation by clicking either + or – 90 degress or enter values manually. Click lay flat to make sure the all the bottom part touches the glass plate. (Note: Most 3D printers print layers in a vertical fashion, thus choose your rotation such that edges do not create overhangs.)
  • Move your part to a desired location by dragging the part around in the view port or enter values manually in the x, y, z format. Click on "Platform" to ensure your part is correctly placed on the 3D printing plate (printing surface).
  • Use the "Scale" tab to scale your part if necessary. Parts you open are initially at the scale from which they were modeled (i.e. SolidWorks, or other modeling software)
  • Select the 3D printer model you wish to print from (i.e. MakerBot, Sindoh).

Recommended settings:

  • Select "Standard" resolution
  • Infill to 20%
  • Set "Number of Shells" to 3
  • Select "Raft" to help keep your part from warping. Typically for use with large parts or flat parts
  • Turn on "Supports" if your part cannot be oriented in such a way to prevent overhangs.
  • Click "Print" to begin exporting your model
  • Click "Export Now" and save to your flash drive
  • Place your flashdrive in the 3D printer and select "Print" from the file you just saved.