Printing steps (BST 1200)

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o Push “Wait for part” button on the printer after the pack is finished

o Wait for prompt “Is Model Base Installed”

o In CatalystEx press Print

o NOTE: Cartridge contains 56.3 in3 if you need more see advanced refilling the printer pdf

Setup printer

o Connect network cable to printer

o Turn on RPM it takes 40 minutes to warm up

 Switch is located on the front lower right of the printer

o Printer status says “idle” when ready

o New vs. Used Bases:  New bases can be purchased  Used bases can be used if cleaned properly

Orientation tab

o Orientation can be select by hand using the rotation button for each axis

o “Auto Orient” can be selected if unsure

o Pack Tab

 CatalystEx has a default pack set-up so that the parts do not overlap

 Just click and drag part to move

 Fill parts in the upper right hand corner first they will print faster

o NOTE: danger of Nesting see advanced .pdf

Cleaning the printer

o Vacuum out the printer (shop van)

o Check printer head for debris

o Empty junk cartridge

o Shut down the printer

File setup

o Save part as an ,stl file in parent program

o Print single parts not whole assemblies

o Open CatalystEX

 Open the .stl file

 Choose the interior and structural material setting under model interior and support fill

 Check the units

Finished product

o Remove parts while still warm

 Flex the board from the two opposite corners

o Remove the support material from the finished product

 This can be done by hand or carefully remove with a razor blade

o Return the base back to the used stock

Inserting base plate

o Place plate onto platform until it settles into place

o Push the plate straight back till it stops

o Lock the plate in Place

 Use the two rotating retainer Clips