Spin It To Win It – Portable Charger And Game Controller

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Hand Crank V1
Team Name
  • Team Black Box
  • Spring 2020 - Fall 2020
Faculty Advisor
  • Dr. Joe Law
  • Abdallah Smadi
  • Dr. Joe Law
  • Dr. Herbert Hess
Team Members
  • Miguel Mares
  • Hadi Altaan
  • Wenfeng Li
  • Mark Watson

The goal of the project is to improve the existing Spin IT to Win IT device so that it is more complete, durable, reliable, fun, and easy to use, requiring only a short set of instructions.


The previous Spin IT to Win IT team had the goal of using a hand crank generator to turn mechanical energy into electrical energy, and store it in a battery to charge small devices like cell phones. An additional goal was to use the crank as a controller for a game, which also monitored the power generated. The team created a proof of concept device, which created power with a hand crank, stored it in a battery capable of charging phones, and sent rough crank voltage data to a phone.

Problem Definition[edit]

Our problem was that the prototype was impractical. It was bulky, heavy, fragile, had no enclosure, and lacked a working game. The use of a heavy lead-acid battery and a large bulk of loose wires, PCB’s, and breadboarded circuits made moving and setting up the device difficult.

Design Considerations[edit]

Our design decisions were made while taking a number of factors into consideration. These factors were different for each technical role, but generally consisted of the following: Size, Practicality, Durability, Reliability, Cost, Availability, Capacity, Complexity, Ease of use, Entertainment value, and how well it met team goals and existing specifications.


Hand Crank Generator (Doubles As Game Controller)

DC Converters & Battery

Communications & Data Transfer

Game & Data Display

Durable Packaging & Connections


Phone: Android OS
Wireless Protocol: Bluetooth
Basic Game Style: Fishing
Microcontroller: FireBeetle ESP32

Model: Huaban Hand Crank Generator
Rated Power: 30W
Output Voltage: 0-28V DC
Output Current: 0-2A
Max Current: 3A
Weight: 480g
Dimensions: 106mm X 64mm X 39mm
Maximum Rated Speed: 120 RPM

Model: Vancely K111
Capacity: 10,000 mAh
Cell Type: Lithium Ion
Input Voltage: 5V DC
Input Current: 2.1A
Output Voltage: 5V DC
Output Current: 2.4A X 2
Dimensions: 124mm X 67mm X 15mm

Buck-Boost Converter:
Model: DROK 200234
Rated Power: 30W (40W with better heat sink)
Input Voltage: 5-30V DC
Input Current: 5A
Output Voltage: Adjusted to 5V DC
Output Current: 3A (4A with better heat sink)
Switching Frequency: 180KHZ
Dimensions: 68mm X 29mm X 21mm

Additional Game Inputs:
Game Players:
Voltage Divider Values:

Final Design[edit]


Team Members[edit]

2020 teamblackbox miguel.png
Miguel Mares

Hometown: Meridian, Idaho
Major: Electrical Engineering
Responsibility: Project Manager
Technical Role: Project Packaging and Connections

2020 teamblackbox hadi.jpeg
Hadi Altaan

Hometown: Kuwait City, Kuwait
Major: Electrical Engineering
Responsibility: Budget
Technical Role: Power Engineer

2020 teamblackbox lee.jpg
Wenfeng Li

Hometown: Suzhou, China
Major: Electrical Engineering
Responsibility: Client Contact
Technical Role: Game Development

2020 teamblackbox mark.JPG
Mark Watson

Hometown: Post Falls, Idaho
Major: Electrical Engineering
Responsibility: Documentation
Technical Role: Microcontroller & Communications

Additional Documentation[edit]

Project Schedule

Spring Schedule Rev. Feb 25, 2020

Spring Schedule Rev. April 21, 2020

Team Meeting Minutes

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