Supercharged KTM Engine for Snowmobile

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Final Engine Package 1 smaller.jpg
Final Engine Package
Team Name
  • Need 4 Speed
  • Summer 2019 - Fall 2019
Faculty Adviser
  • Steve Beyerlein
  • Zachary Hacker
  • Dan Cordon & Edwin Odom
Team Members
  • Andy Hoang
  • Braden Connolly
  • Nasser Aldawsari
  • Nathan Miller

The goal of this project is to design and manufacture a supercharged single-cylinder four-stroke engine that would package in a snowmobile chassis.

Problem Definition[edit]

The primary project objective will be supercharging a KTM 525 SX motorcycle engine with an M24 Eaton Supercharger and redesigning it to package inside a snowmobile chassis to achieve better fuel efficiency, more power, and reducing weight.

KTM Engine Render made by VandalBilt


The University of Idaho Clean Snowmobile Challenge (CSC) Team is known for its work on lightweight, efficient, clean running, and other innovations for snowmobiles. Over the past sixteen years, the CSC team has been competing at the SAE International Collegiate Design Series interdisciplinary competition. The competition is held annually in Houghton, Michigan. The U of I team has won the competition in 2002, 2003, and 2007, and has acquired more than 50 awards. U of I's team is the only team in CSC history to win the aspired Founder's Trophy award back-to-back in 2015 and 2016.

Previous senior design project, seniors designed and manufactured a robust platform for testing and optimization for the next generation formula SAE vehicle utilizing the KTM engine.


  • Solid-models of Eaton supercharger, plenum, new crankcase, mounts, and snowmobile engine bay
  • Math-models of engine/supercharger performance
  • Achieve 80 hp with same engine displacement
  • Remove stock engine transmission to interface with snowmobile CVT
  • Incorporate an electric starter
  • Functional prototype to fit in snowmobile chassis
  • Bill of materials and budget for functional prototype
  • Manufacturing plans for functional prototype


Stock Engine vs Supercharged Engine

Project Plan[edit]


  • Decompression plate will be used to reduce compression rate to 8:1 to avoid knock
  • Increase timing chain by one link
  • New gaskets, spark plugs, and oil
  • Electric start


  • Plenum design for efficient performance while reducing noise
  • The supercharger will be mounted in an orientation such that the pulley lines up with the crankshaft
  • The supercharger will run by a belt that is driven by the crankshaft
  • The optimal running RPM will be determined for the supercharger and a pulley will be designed specifically to achieve that
  • Air bypass so the supercharger does not have to run at lower RPMs
  • Mounts for the supercharger

Crank Case:

  • The stock engine transmission is not needed and will use the snowmobile CVT instead
  • The crank case has two oil filters and will get rid of one and relocate it
  • Create a smaller custom fabricated crank case that will fit in the snowmobile chassis

Snowmobile Chassis:

  • Space available for new power plant
  • Mounts for the supercharged engine


  • Snow to air intercooler to achieve better engine and supercharger efficiency

Project Learning[edit]

  • The KTM engine was provided disassembled with a box full of parts. The engine reassembly process provided insight on engine functions. In addition, it allowed for brainstorming crankcase innovations and supercharger mounting.
  • Plenum design helps provide even air distribution into the valve, while reducing irregular velocity/pressure pulses and noise reduction due to resonating effects.
  • Math models of the stock vs. supercharged engine (with potential intercooling effects) will provide empirical knowledge on supercharging advantages.
Assembled KTM Engine
Part Description
default Right casing half of the engine.
default Left and right casings attached together.
default Crankshaft, camshaft, piston, and cylinder head installed.
default Flywheel and oil pump installed.

Math Models[edit]

Calculations Description
default Modeling representations between stock vs. supercharged engine, and relationship between Net Work output and Thermal Efficiency due to varying compression ratios

The Math Models will be further refined to incorporate specific supercharging elements such as changes in volumetric efficiency and stoichiometric fuel properties.

Additional parametric studies will be conducted to analyze stock and supercharged engine effects due to varying engine speed, supplied boost, and inlet temperature based on isentropic efficiency supplied by compressor maps and intercooling.

Solid Models[edit]

Part Description
Supercharger Model.png
M24 Eaton Supercharger

0.393 L displacement per revolution

Plenum Design 1

Volumetric Capacity: 1.06 L

Plenum 2.png
Plenum Design 2

Volumetric Capacity: 1 L

Screen Shot 2019-08-02 at 2.01.08 PM.png
Decompression Plate

Thickness: 3.1 mm

Chassis 2.png
Snowmobile Engine Bay

Estimated Volumetric Capacity: 5,014 in3

Engine in chassis 7-25 2.png
Stock KTM Engine in Chassis
Full Engine Assembly in Chassis.png
Full Assembly of Stock Engine, Supercharger, and Plenum in Chassis

Math Equations[edit]








Final Design[edit]

Part Description
Crank Case Front View.png
New Crank Case Front View
Crankcase Exploded View.png
New Crank Case Exploded View
New Crankcase and Head.png
Full Engine Assemby
Snowmobile Chassis.png
Snowmobile Chassis
LEM Motor.png
LEM Hybrid Motor
Intercooler 1.png
Snow to Air Intercooler
Finished Plenums.jpg
Plenum Design 3

Supercharger to Intercooler - Intercooler to Engine Intake

Full Final Assembly 2.png
Full Engine Package in Snowmobile Chassis
Final Assembly 4.png
Full Engine Package in Snowmobile Chassis Top View
Final Assembly 5.png
Full Engine Package in Snowmobile Chassis Side View
Full Engine Prototype in Chassis
Full Engine Prototype in Chassis Side View

Team Members[edit]


Andy Hoang
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Hometown: Boise, Idaho


Braden Connolly
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Hometown: Boise, Idaho


Nasser Aldawsari
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Hometown: Dammam, Saudi Arabia


Nathan Miller
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Hometown: Boise, Idaho

Additional Documentation[edit]

Project Schedule File:Need 4 Speed Project Schedule .xlsx - Schedule.pdf

Product Requirements File:Need 4 Speed Product Requirements.docx.pdf

Bill of Materials File:Need 4 Speed Bill of Materials.xlsx - Sheet1.pdf

Budget File:Need 4 Speed Budget.xlsx - Budget.pdf

Presentations File:Engineering Release.pdf