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OWNER: Michael Moreno & Sally Mei

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Mentor Comments 5/30[edit]

  • present :-) Good job
Steps for printing
  • add to checklist template
  • Fix random capitalization
  • Add reference to Code Generation (MakerBot) at or before step 5.
  • Step 7 doesn't make sense. What plastic (the material?). Make this more clear
  • Make sure to link the sections in the list if you exand on them later. (Link Load/Unload Filament)
Maintaining Tape
  • If If the tape looks worn and replace it. isn't a sentence
  • Finish the last sentence This keeps
Leveling Base Tray
    • When you say using a set of gauges do you main "feeler gauge?"

Overall nice job. Make sure to read through to make sure you don't have any typo's and that all information is correct (you missed an "n" in "not")

Bowe6786 (talk) 22:35, 30 May 2013 (UTC)

Comment done in person.