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Mentor Comments from 5/31/13[edit]

Lets gets this figured out, come to my office (CATS) (next to Dr. Beyerlein office)

Everything from yesterday was addressed. Some of the pictures are not loading properly, if you click the picture it comes up with the proper one! Please check into this since we have spent far to many hours trying to figure out why this is.

Mentor Comments from 5/30/13[edit]

Getting there... But most of the comments from yesterday were ignored. Is there a technical reason for this??? These need to be completed before ASAP in the morning, shop opens at 8.

Mentor Comments from 5/29/13[edit]

How to Know What Chuck to Use
How To Remove a Chuck
  • This is looking a lot better, nice implementation of the table!
  • Tools
    • All of the tools should be taken as one picture, landscape, 4:3 standard. Then list the different tools in the caption.
  • Brake
    • Is it possible to take a picture of both the 'wheel' and 'handle'? or combine the two pictures into one?
    • These three steps should be condensed into one to make it more readable on a phone.
    • From a safety point, it is very important the user never turns the lathe on while the brake engaged as it will damage the machine. Further, it is not actually a brake, a brake is used to bring things to a stop (most real lathes actually do have a brake) (it is more like a parking break), the proper term (check with Russ) is taking it out of gear. The user need to be aware that they are taking it out of gear, and will damage the lathe if they forget to put it back in gear. This need to be stated in bold terms several times throughout the page.
  • Block under chuck
    • State why it is important the chuck doesn't fall (ex. This ensures that the chuck doesn't fall and damage the rails)
  • Wrench on colar
    • The wrench is difficult to see, especially on a phone. Perhaps re-angle the shot, or add a red circle around the handle in a program such as paint.
How to Re-install a Chuck
  • The key
    • What is the correct position? It is not clear in the photo, add annotations as needed
  • Woodblock/starting to thread chuck on
    • Did you forget this step? It is important people do not bang the chuck into the threads, or cross thread the chuck on.
  • Wrench on the collar
    • Same as colar (spl?). Really hard to see, add annotation.
How to Put in the Cullet Chuck
  • Cullet chuck
    • misspelling of collet
    • Picture should include all components
  • Cullet Chuck in the Lathe and Cullet Chuck pushed in all the way.
    • misspelling of collet
    • These steps should be combined into one
Other general comments
  • Page is look much better!
  • The captions under the image should be changed to:
    • Step 1: Gather tools
    • Step 2: Take machine out of gear
    • etc
  • The last image is blurry, and should be more of a close up

Alex7832 (talk) 01:14, 30 May 2013 (UTC)

Mentor Comments from 5/28/13[edit]

The above contents are mainly for formating, I will check content Wednesday. From a quick glance, make sure the instructions are clear, complete, concise, and work for their respective scopes (all chucks, or particular chucks)

Alex7832 (talk) 04:28, 29 May 2013 (UTC)