Tangible Object Recognition System

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2020 TangibleTouch AISDevice.png
Sponsors Advanced Input Systems
Team Name Tangible Touch Team
Duration 2020 - 2021
Faculty Adviser
  • Dr. Steven Beyerlein
  • Dr. Feng Li
  • Mitch Butzer / Advanced Input Systems
Team Members
  • Andrew Brown (ME)
  • Preyusha Aryal (CompE)
  • Reilly Wolfe (CompE)

The goal of the project is to develop a system capable of interpreting inputs from multiple types of objects through a touchscreen, known as a Tangible Object Recognition system (TORS). The touchscreen needs to be able to recognize each device type, as well as interpret inputs from each. Development of the objects is also required; including a knob, puck, switch, and joystick. The touchscreen will need to have a working Tangible Object Recognition Unit (TORU), and a host system that is capable of displaying received inputs form objects through a Graphic User Interface (GUI). The outcome of the project is to have a working system that allows detachable objects that provide detents feedback for blind touch, allowing for touchscreen use while looking elsewhere.

Problem Definition[edit | edit source]

Background[edit | edit source]

There are many systems that require physical inputs, such as knobs and switches, for interactions while working. An example of one such system being an Ultrasound Device; this device requires adjustment while the user is looking elsewhere or may be going back and forth between patient and device. We would like to create an input system that utilizes these physical requirements combined with the flexibility of a touchscreen.

Touchscreen Deliverables[edit | edit source]

Touchscreen GUI:
Figure Description
2020 GUI StateMachineDesign.JPG
  • Conceptual State Machine Design for GUI
2020 GUI TwoTouch.JPG
  • Graphical User Interface (GUI):
Coded in C++ through Qt (pronounced "cute") with touch interactions displayed on desktop monitor.
  • Two Touch GUI Report
Figure Description
2020 TangibleTouch Touchscreen.jpg
  • Two Touch Touchscreen
2020 TangibleTouch Touchscreen2.jpg
  • Ten Touch Touchscreen

Object Deliverables[edit | edit source]

Figure Description
2020 TangibleTouch KnobjectD1.JPG
2020 TangibleTouch KnobjectD1Print.jpg
2020 TangibleTouch KnobjectD2.jpg
  • Knobject Prototype:
Fixed knob with acceptable detents feedback, using adhesion in center.
  • Knobject Prototype 2 (Bottom):
Fixed knob with acceptable detents feedback, using adhesion on outer plate. Cap used to hold part together, fixed to center piece.
Figure Description
2020 TangibleTouch PuckD1.JPG
2020 TangibleTouch PuckFinal1.jpg
2020 TangibleTouch PuckFinal2.jpg
  • Puck Prototype:
Free moving Puck object for testing with TORS. 3 Feet on the bottom for recognition
  • Puck Prototype 2:
3 Feet changed from hemispheres to indents for conductive material. Milled out of Aluminum with slots filled with 1mm conductive rubber.
Conductive Rubber Material
Figure Description
2020 TangibleTouch ConductiveRubber.jpg
  • Conductive Rubber:
Cured 1mm conductive rubber sheet for use as foot material on objects.

Design Considerations[edit | edit source]

Knob[edit | edit source]

Knob Design:
Figure Description
Tuna Knob
Tuna Knob Bottom
  • Pepperdecks Tuna Knob[1]: Used as a pre-existing reference for the knob and overall attachable object design.
2020 TangibleTouch DuraswitchKnob.jpg
  • Duraswitch encoder knob (AIS): Used for prototype 1 detents reference, and overall size reference.

Puck[edit | edit source]

Initial Design Idea:
Figure Description
2020 TangibleTouch PuckDrawing.JPG
  • Initial Design Ideas for Puck object

Joystick[edit | edit source]

Initial Design Idea:
Figure Description
2020 TangibleTouch JoystickDrawing.JPG
  • Initial Design Ideas for Joystick

Project Learning[edit | edit source]

Conductive Rubber[edit | edit source]

Figure Description
2020 TangibleTouch Rubber Materials.jpg

Conductive Rubber Materials:

  • 160-60 HCR Silicone Base from RDAbbott
  • TUBALL Matrix 605 Single Wall Carbon Nano Tubes from OCSiAl
Rubber Processing:
Figure Description
2020 TangibleTouch Uncured Rubber.jpg
2020 TangibleTouch Rubber Cure.jpg


1. Consider Amount of material to make: assume density of roughly 1g/cc for material, and find how many grams of material to make.
2. Measure: Ratio of Silicone Base to Carbon Nano tubes should be 9:1 by weight, i.e: 9g of Silicone 1g of Nano tubes for 10g of material.
3a. Processing by hand: Roll Material with standard kitchen roller, similar to making dough, until material is homogenous.
b. Test: Pull at material and check if the material is tearing evenly, the carbon nano tubes are noticeably more brittle and will pull apart earlier. If the material is homogenous it should tear fairly evenly, if not continue to roll. (not an exact science, continue until it seems done)
4. Cut: If you plan to cure separate batches measure and cut out the number of grams required for the intended use.
5. Prepare Cure: Place material in Teflon Cast (This project sandwiched three 30x30x0.1cm Teflon sheets with a 25x25cm square cut out of the center of the middle sheet for the cast.) and press material flat.
6. Cure: Place cast in Heated Press cure at 180C for 15min (Picture to the left is a test sample cure on a hot plate, not on the heated press).
7. Finish: Remove material from press and finish processing as however needed.

Final Design[edit | edit source]

Validation[edit | edit source]

Team Members[edit | edit source]

2020 BrownAndrew Photo.jpg

Name: Andrew Brown
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Hometown: Eagle, ID
Responsibility: Team Leader, Solidworks Design, Wiki Master, Project Management, Client Communication
Email: Brow0453@vandals.uidaho.edu

2020 AryalPreyusha Photo.jpg

Name: Preyusha Aryal
Major: Computer Engineering
Responsibility: Team Meetings, Agenda, Meeting Minutes, Documentation, Software Development
Email: Arya4216@vandals.uidaho.edu

2020 WolfeReilly Photo.jpg

Name: Reilly Wolfe
Major: Computer Engineering
Responsibility: Qt Expert, Software Development, Meeting Minutes, Documentation
Email: Wolf2158@vandals.uidaho.edu

Additional Documentation[edit | edit source]

Project Schedule


Meeting Minutes

File:2020 TangibleTouch MeetingMin.pdf


File:2020 TangibleTouch SS1.pdf
File:2020 TangibleTouch DesignReview.pdf
File:2020 TangibleTouch SS2.pdf