Tote Extractor

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Sponsors Bastian Solutions
Team Members
  • David Kennedy
  • Aaron Burton
  • Braden Sprenger
  • Daniel Sorenson
  • Duration Fall 2018 - Spring 2019
    Faculty Advisers Dr. Steven Beyerlein
    Mentor Mathew Harnard

    The goal of this project is to improve on a current tote extractor design. By doing this, grid efficiency can be improved as well as the footprint of the current automated extraction system will be reduced.


    Current Shuttle

    Currently, Bastian Solutions has an automated shuttle extraction system with the extractor mounted in the center of the shuttle. This design takes up a significant amount of space and can be improved upon.

    Design Task[edit]

    Problem Statement

    Study and prototype a cantilever tote extraction system to reliably pick and place storage totes with prescribed speed and accuracy. The solution will also involve engineered features for interfacing with the with the existing tote bin design.


    • Prototype capable of engaging tote
    • Prototype capable of removing tote
    • Shuttle must be able to travel while carrying tote
    • Prototype capable of replacing tote
    • Build model of shelf and tote for testing
    • Improve current grid space footprint

    Design Specifications[edit]


    Height Limit (Shuttle Base) 25 inches
    Width Limit (Folded Position) 30 inches
    Length Limit 30 inches
    System Weight Limit 40 pounds
    Extraction Time 3 seconds
    Voltage Requirement 48 VDC
    Material Costs $2300
    Durability 20-30kh of operation without maintenance

    Manufacturing Process[edit]

    Shelf Model

    Shelf model has been built in order to properly prototype extraction mechanism.

    Shuttle with center mounted extractor

    Final Extractor Design

    The final design will use two gears actuated by two pinion gears mounted on a shaft driven by a stepper motor to fold up the extraction tray. The extraction tray will slide out either end 2 inches when in the down position to reach the totes in the storage grid, this motion is driven by a lead screw motor. The tote will be pulled onto the tray by a arm attached to a chain driven by a stepper motor.

    Shuttle with center mounted extractor
    Shuttle with center mounted extractor

    Team Members[edit]

    Tote Takers

    David Kennedy

    Mechanical Engineer

    Aaron Burton

    Mechanical Engineer

    Braden Sprenger

    Mechanical Engineer

    Daniel Sorenson

    Electrical Engineer