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A tumbler is used to clean and polish parts. Different media is used to achieve different results on a variety of materials.

How to Use the Tumbler[edit]

Step 1.[edit]

Choose the media and place in the bowl (pour a 5 gallon bucket into the Bowl)

  1. Precision ceramic tumbling media
    1. Used for when small and precise is an issue (this will be used most of the time).
  1. Ceramic beads and walnut shells will be used dry. Remember to place the plug in the tumbler. DO NOT USE ANY WATER OR COMPOUND. (SKIP STEPS 2-5)
    1. Cleaning and polishing ideal for aluminum, brass, and bronze.

For more information go to: http://www.kramerindustriesonline.com/tumbling-media.htm

Step 2.[edit]

Choosing the chemical compound (see directions for mixing in step 3). They are in the blue containers to the right of the tumbler.

  1. VF-150 Burnishing Compound
    1. Used to prevent rusting and produces a bright finish on stainless steel, zinc, brass, copper, and other exotic metals (this will be used on metals that will rust).
  2. VF-77T General Purpose Cleaner
    1. Used to deburr and for controlling the white film on plastic and synthetic finishes. Works equally well on all metals and plastics (this will not prevent rusting). Aluminum and aluminum alloys will use this one.

For more information go to: http://www.vibrafinish.com/supplies.html

Step 3.[edit]

Mixing compound with water in the black 5 gallon bucket where the pump is located fill the bucket about ½ way and poor in about 8 oz. (230 ml) of the compound (use the clear measuring cup for the compounds).

Step 4.[edit]

Place pump in solution (make sure it is fully submerged) and that the valve is open (handle parallel to the floor).

Step 5.[edit]

Make sure recirculating hose is between the pump and the wall of the bucket (As seen below).

Step 6.[edit]

Place part in the bowl and close the lid (make sure the lip is tightened on).

Step 7.[edit]

Plug in the pump and then the vibratory equipment system (run for 1 to 3 hours unplug vibratory equipment from wall outlet to check on part).

Step 8.[edit]

Clean up

  1. Drain the bowl
  2. Remove all media
  3. Flush system two times (run about 2.5 gallons of clean water through the pump/recirculating hose) (old water could go down the bucket)
  4. Unplug the pump and vibratory equipment from wall outlet.