Z-Axis Auto Feed for Sharp Mills

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The Z-axis auto feed is a handy tool for making holes with consistent depth and finish.


Z-Axis Auto Feed Components
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The z-axis power feed has 4 components: (1) the selector switch, (2) the cutting depth stop, (3) the feed rate selector, (4) and the z-axis feed engage lever as seen in the picture here.

Components of The Z-Axis Power Feed
Part Description
1) Selector Switch
Engages Power to the quill feed drive

Motor cannot be running while engaged

2) Cutting Depth Stop
For setting depth of cut.

Will automatically disengage quill feed slightly before final depth (roughly 25 thousandths before). To go to complete depth, bring down manually.

3) Feed Rate Selector
Three feed rates: 0.0015”, 0.003” and 0.006” per revolution.

Use the 0.006” rate for soft materials, the 0.003” rate for hard materials and the 0.0015” rate for all finishing cuts. May be changed while still or running.

4) Feed Engage
Swing handle to left to engage quill feed.

Can manually disengage by moving handle back to the when reaches depth of cut stop.

NOTE: Move Z axis down from top slightly before engaging and ensure it is traveling in the right direction. If moving in the incorrect direction, check spindle rotation direction. If spindle rotation direction is correct, and still moving up, pull or push the reverse knob located immediately above the engage lever.