90 Degree Mill Head

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90 Degree Mill Head

In the UI mechanical engineering relies heavily on manual milling operations for manufacturing specific design components. Most can be accomplished with standard milling procedures (i.e. typical stock set-up with x, y and z manipulation), however some require varying tooling set-ups due to their geometry and limitations of the machines.

The 90 degree mill head is a change-over tooling set-up which allows machining part faces which would otherwise be impossible to machine; For instance, a very long part which could not fit in the machine in one or more orientation. The head allows all basic machining abilities, including facing, drilling & tapping, slotting, etc.

90 Degree Head While Cutting[1]


Proper installation of the 90 degree mill head is critical. A few important things should be noted before using the mill head.

  • Miter gears within the mill head REVERSE rotational direction.
  • All standard safety procedures for shop should be used during operation.
  • Follow typical milling/drilling procedures (be especially cautious of climb cuts and peck drilling)
  • Max recommended spindle RPM = 2300 (noted on mill head as well)


The 90 degree mill head can be found in cabinet #10, towards the back of the shop. It works much like most collet and other tool installations on the manual mill with only minor additions, noted in the changeover table below. Installation of the 90 degree mill head is not done often, thus careful attention on proper installation is critical. A shop manager and/or mentor is recommended to oversee changeover operations of this type.

Step by Step Instruction on Installation of Mill Head
Tool/Step Description
Tool set-up
Tools necessary for this changover operation are:
  • 3/16 allen wrench
  • 5/16 allen wrengh
  • 13/16 socket & socket wrench
Step 1
Drop table and raise spindle
Step 2
Remove collet bolt
Step 3
Using table raise head up to spindle
Step 4
Drop and lock spindle then align key slot
Step 5
Tighten draw bolt
Step 6
Align head using the vise (dial indicate for precise applications)
Step 7
Unlock and raise spindle then relock
Step 8
Loosen spread screw and tighten clamp bolts

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