Bead Blaster

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The bead blaster is used to remove left over material from a surface without damaging the surface. This is done by blasting fine glass beads at high pressure. It leaves a textured finish. The bead blaster (Cyclone) at the University of Idaho is located at the back of the machine shop in the welding area.

Bead blaster in machine shop.

How to Use the Bead Blaster

  • Step 1.

Open the door to the chamber and place part inside.

  • Step 2.

Close and lock the chamber.

Chamber door in the closed position.
  • Step 3.

Turn on the vacuum.

BeadBlaster On switch.jpg
  • Step 4.

Open the air pressure valve located on lower left side of the chamber.

Pressure valve in the open position.
  • Step 5.

Place your hands in the gloves and use the bead blaster as evenly as possible (beads cannot penetrate gloves).

  • Step 6.

Close the air valve and depressurize the sandblaster.

  • Step 7.

Turn off the vacuum.

  • Step 8.

Remove your part.

  • Step 9.

Clean up any fallen sand (DO NOT use vacuum).

If Your Piece Falls Through the Gate

  • Step 1.

Place a 5 gallon bucket with a strainer under the release valve located at the bottom of the chamber.

5 gallon bucket to empty the bead blaster.
  • Step 2.

Hold the valve open until your piece falls into the bucket(it is spring loaded, but make sure it closes completely).

  • Step 3.

Pour beads back into the chamber through the door.