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This tutorial walks through the setup and use of the CAI Tower. All of this information is also on the tower.

Setup and Start Procedures

Image Step
CAI plugin.jpg

Plug in the power cables to two separate circuit breakers. If you don’t it will trip a breaker.

CAI calibrationgases.jpg

Plug the calibration gases into the back of the tower as shown in the system diagram. Make sure you attach regulators to the bottles before plugging the lines in and opening the valves.

CAI zeroair.jpg

Plug the zero air into the back of the tower.

CAI analyzerpower.jpg

Turn on the analyzers using the main power button on the top of the front of the tower.

CAI PCpower.jpg

Turn on the PC attached to the tower.

CAI igniteTHC.jpg

Ignite the THC analyzer and wait an hour for it to heat up. The THC analyzer is the top analyzer, ignite by pressing MAIN -> F8 -> Ignition


Start the NOW program.

CAI warning.jpg
  1. Do not coil the heated line.
  2. Wear ear protection if the tower is on.
  3. Only move gas containers if the caps are on.
  4. Don’t open gas valves until after the lines are connected.
  5. Make sure all vents/fans are on prior to running experiments

Taking Measurements

Image Step

Open the NOW program.

CAI benchcontrolutility.jpg

Go to ‘Testing’ then select ‘Bench Control Utility’.

CAI operations.jpg

Select your desired bench operation.

CAI beginend.jpg

Click ‘Begin’ to start logging and ‘End’ to stop logging.

CAI fileaccess.jpg

To open the data you just logged open the ‘DATA_LOG’ folder shortcut and then open the file you created.