General Dyno Instructions

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If you plan on working in the SmERF, this page has the basic checklists for starting up an engine before testing and shutting down the SmERF when you are done.

General flow of data when testing an engine.

Engine Start-Up Checklist

  1. Check that engine is bolted securely to the dynamometer drive shaft and that the engine cart is secured to the dyno frame. For high vibration engines, zip tie or tape the hooks that secure the cart so they don’t rattle loose.
  2. Check that all coolant and fuel lines are fully connected and routed to avoid heat and rubbing.
  3. Turn on the SuperFlow control box and 12V power supply
  4. Check that the dyno coolant pump is on and that the tank is at least half full.
  5. Turn on fuel system, check that the tank is full and the fuel pressure is correct.
  6. Turn on the engine exhaust fan, cooling tower fan, and engine fan. The exhaust fan should be within less than six inches of the tail pipe but not inside the orange tubing.
  7. Check that the SuperFlow handheld is on, that there are no errors, the engine speed is set at least 1000 RPM above your engines idle speed, and that throttle is set to zero.
  8. If you are using the starter motor on the dyno check that the green light in the lower left of the starter control box labeled ‘Marcia/on’ is lit, if not press this button. The ‘Marcia/On’ button should now be lit.
  9. Press and hold the green button on the far right to start the engine. The starter uses a compressed air clutch to engage the dyno, check that the air valve on the wall is on and gauge reads about 15 psi.

SmERF Shutdown

  1. Turn off engine and engine electrical circuits.
  2. Turn off fuel systems.
  3. Turn fans off. Engine fan can be left on to speed engine cooldown.
  4. Turn dyno and cooling tower pumps off.
  5. Turn off 12V power supply.
  6. Turn off and unplug SuperFlow control box.
  7. Turn off SuperFlow handheld.
  8. Check for leaks, spills, or other messes and clean them up.
  9. Turn off the lights and lock the door when finished.