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Organization of site[edit source]

Currently the site has three categories: Senior design, Snippets, and Kaizen projects. When created, all pages should be added to their respective categories. for example, if the page is a snippet page, add the following to the end of the page:

[[Category:Capstone design]]

This will automatically put the page onto the Category:Capstone design page. kkkkk

Page exemplars[edit source]

Kaizen project: Cutter_Types_(Mill), Manual lathe (Logan)

Snippet: 10_bit_rotary_magnetic_encoder_(AS5040)

Senior design: Band-Beesten_rolling_drum_set

Research: NA

Templates[edit source]

The current templates have been created:

Developer's bulletin[edit source]

The developer's bulletin is a page the admins use to release daily/weekly information about new tables, templates, guidelines, etc. We will notify users of the site about a new bulletin, but it is your responsibility to make sure your pages conform to the bulletins released.

Additional Resources[edit source]

Cheatsheet (Wikipedia):

Note: the above link is for, which does their references slightly differently. Inserting {{reflist}} underneath the 'References' section will not work. Instead use <references/>

Starting an article (Wikipedia):

Mindworks Page Editing Help:
Help:Page Editing (Quick)

Media Wiki Manual:



Installation of some extensions:

Page editing:


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