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This page documents and describes best practices for providing feedback to user pages. Feedback should be placed on the discussion tab (right of page tab on top bar). Please copy the following example for proper formatting (below code taken from here):

OWNER: Gatl2189 (talk) 21:22, 27 May 2013 (UTC)

Mentor Comments for 5/30/13[edit source]

  • Put short description in proper place like Wikipedia does (see red text in page)
Milling Machine Tooling Overview
  • Consider renaming Different Mill Cutter to Milling Cutters
  • Remove End Mills Section (collapse into 'Different Mill Cutter' section)
  • Don't capitalize "Stock" in Gear Cutter description
End Mills
  • Move the description to Mill end out of the table and put it before the table as sort of an introduction
  • Remove Mill end and 6 Flute End Mill from table
  • Describe the 'Flute Diagram' in more detail
  • "Rounded Edge End Mill" are also/typically know as "Bull Nose End Mills". Include this in your description.
  • Consider renaming "Rounded Edge End Mill" to "Rounded Edge (Bull Nose) End Mill
Facing Types
  • Change Facing Types to "Cutters"
  • Condense the three fly cutter pages(Square tool bit flat,Fly Cutter and the other one) and the into a single entry
  • on Fly Cutter don't say that a fly cutterdoes not do as smooth of a job. This is not correct
Cutter Material Identification/ Selection
  • Change/ remove Lathe Speeds
  • Add that Carbide is stiffer (doesn't deflect as much) and is better for hard materials
  • Add section on Carbide and tools

Overall nice job. Check text for correctness and completeness.

Add section about centercutting and non-centercutting endmills selection and identification

Bowe6786 (talk) 21:54, 30 May 2013 (UTC)

Mentor Comments from 5/28/13[edit source]

End Mill Types
Add section for Cutters
Facing Types:
  • Eliminate section, as it will be absorbed into Cutters

The above contents are mainly for formating, I will check content Wednesday. From a quick glance, the content looks mostly complete, but make sure to check with other sources such as the machinist book, McMaster, wikipedia, etc for a second check. Also, remove 'This is the...' as the name of the tool will be included image caption

Alex7832 (talk) 04:41, 29 May 2013 (UTC)

Some things to take note of[edit source]

  1. Make sure the students have put their signature (using four ~~~~) after the word "OWNER:"
  2. Use level 2 headers with you poisiton and title (Mentor/TA/Instructor/etc. Comments for 11/30/2013)
  3. Brake your comments into logical sections. Place a ; in front of the section name
    1. Section names that reference an actual section in their page, should be italicized
  4. Use bulletined and numbered lists
  5. Comments should be short and to the point, much like action items.
  6. General comments may be placed at end of your section
  7. Place your signature as the last line of your section

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