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MasterCAM Mill Facing[edit | edit source]

Image Step
Mastercam icon.png
  1. Start the MasterCam
  2. open part
  1. Right click in the toolpaths bar (left hand side)
  2. Select Mill toolpaths
  3. Face

Once facing operation has been selected, the 2D toolpaths pop-up will come up.

Toolpath type option needs to be selected first, and is shown in the figure to the left:

  1. Select facing
  2. Select type of chain (can use the mouse to select the edges on the model that surround the face you wish to cut)

Next, you must select the tool:

  1. Click the library tool button
  2. Select tool.
  3. Adjust Feed, Spindle, and Plunge rate.

Website to help adjusting rates: ( )

You don’t need to change the SFM, it’ll change by itself once you set the rate values.


Next, select the tool holder. Open library and the proper holder. No need to change a lot of stuff here, the tool holder selected is not that important.


Next, specify the Cut Parameters --> Depth cuts

  1. Set your max. rough step. (the depth of each cut)

(i.e. Alumunium between 0.025-0.050in, steel 0.010 -0.025 in)

  1. Number of Finish cuts.

(how many times should the machine do last finishing)

  1. Finish step

(how far the depth is for finishing)


Next, adjust the Linking paramaters Adjust the values that needed to be adjusted: -Retract: is the value to which the tool rises before moving to a new position. -Feed plane: is the height above your part at which the specified plunge rate and feed rate become active. -top of stock: is the distance (in the z-direction) from the set origin to the top of the stock -depth: is the total depth to be cut off


Don’t need to change anything in the this page. -make sure coolant is set to on -can skip through the last pages and leave them with their default values -click the green checkmark when done


To check if everything is going according to the dimensions you just added, click machine at the top verfiy When the window to the right pops up, set the option to “multiple workpiece” using the toolbar at the top of the page. Then click the play button to see the path the part will follow.