Max Machinery Fuel System

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The SmERF Fuel Cart and Max Machinery Data Box
Manufacturer Max Machinery
Model 710 Series Fuel Measurement System
Support Contact (707) 433-2662

The Max Machinery 710 Series Fuel Measurement System is used in the Small Engine Research Facility to keep track of fuel usage. It reads both total fuel usage and a fuel usage over a set time period.


Before starting your engine on the dynamometer, make sure there is sufficient fuel in the red tank next to the fuel cart to run your tests. If the fuel in the tank is not correct for your engine, clean and fill a tank from the fuel storage room and hook it up to the Max Machinery Fuel Measurement System, all of the lines are clearly labeled. Once everything is hooked up, turn on the power supply on the fuel cart and start your engine. Be sure to check periodically for any leaks on or around the fuel tank and fuel cart.


Once you are at the desired engine testing point, press the START button on the data box in the observation room and simultaneously start a stopwatch. Press the STOP button on the data box and stop the stopwatch when the “Total kg” screen reads about 0.1 or when the stopwatch reads 25-30 seconds. This is done to reduce error in timing the stopwatch and fuel system. Record the fuel mass and duration. You can also find the total amount of fuel used over a testing cycle from the “Kilograms of Fuel” screen.


SMERF MaxFuel Troubleshooting.jpg