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Various Types of Reamers


Reamers are used to refine the size of a pre-drilled hole and are accurate to +/- 0.0003 inches. A reamed hole will leave a smooth finish where a precise fit is required. Reamers are used for press fit and slip fit holes.


Reamer location in ME Machine Shop

In the Mechanical Engineering Machine Shop, Reamers are located in the grey tool box across from Russ's office. All reamers will be in the 3rd droor down, labeled "Reamers".

Steps for Use

  1. Use appropriate center drill to begin hole process.
  2. Use a drill bit to drill to desired depth.
  3. For hole sizes less the 1/2", select a drill bit that is 1/64" less than the Reamer size.
  4. For hole sizes greater the 1/2" and less than 1", select a drill bit that is 1/32" less than the Reamer size.
  5. For holes greater than an inch in diameter, it is more accurate to use a Boring Tool rather than a Reamer.
  6. Decrease the speed to half of the speed of the original drill bit.
  7. Use the Reamer and remember to check before and after use for damage, as it is a very precise tool.
  8. Clean up and put all tools away in correct spot.

Reamer Sizes

Reamers Sizing Chart


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