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Collet Chuck on a Lathe

A Collet Chuck is a clamp that holds the stock you are working with in the lathe. The Collet Chuck should be used for stock that is that is smaller and either cylinder shaped, hexagon cylinder shaped, or squared shaped. It is important to turn on the lathe ""IF SAFE TO DO SO"" after clamping your part to check that your part is in square and didn't get clamped down crooked. If there is a size of collet for the part the collet should be used for the part because they will hold the part more securely, this is because the Collet Chuck will be contacting on almost 100% of the part giving a more stationary part. It will also help make the finish look much better instead of the jaws making a mark on it.

How To Remove a Chuck[edit | edit source]

Steps To Remove a Chuck:
Tool/Step Description
Step 1: Gather Tools
First, grab the chuck key on the side of the lathe. Make sure to keep it in its place after using it.
Step 2: Take machine out of gear
Support the chuck while turning three cam locks 1/4 turn counter-clockwise with the chuck key.
Step 3: Support the Chuck
Now, carefully remove the chuck from the spindle and place on an adequate surface.

How to Put in the Collet Chuck[edit | edit source]

Steps To install a collet chuck:
Tool/Step Description
Step 1: Install Collet Adapter.
After the chuck is removed, Make sure the parts are clean and install collet adapter. Give it a light tap with a lead hammer.
Step 2: Draw Bar in the Lathe.
Next, Slide the Draw Bar into the back of the lathe. Make sure the Draw Bar is pushed in all the way.
Step 3: Clevis engaged.
Attach the clevis to the machine.
Step 4: Install Collet.
Now, Put the Collet Chuck Collar on the lathe spindle and tighten with Draw Nut.
Step 5: Collet Collar key way.
Adjust closer lock ring until collet closes on part and lever cams over to secure part. Engage key on closer lock ring..