4th Axis (HAAS Mill)

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HAAS Mill 4th Axis

The 4th axis is used in conjunction with the HAAS mill to give you an additional degree of freedom while machining parts.

This page provides a basic tutorial on mounting the fourth axis on the HAAS mill.

Installing/ Uninstalling 4th Axis

Tool/Step Description
Installing the 4th axis
Start Machine
Use the green POWER ON button in the top left corner of the control panel. Then push power up reset
Use yellow hoist to lift 4th axis
Located behind vertical band saw, place 4th axis approximately a wrench's distance from the right sidewall of the mill.
Securely mount the 4th axis
Use the T-bolts and T-nuts to mount the 4th axis. Insure There is enough room for a wrench to get the back bolt.
Press emergency stop button
Located on control panel
Plug in 4th axis cables
Plug the two 4th axis electrical cables into the corresponding sockets marked “-A- Axis”, located in the west face of the mill’s electrical box The Wire on the left needs a quarter turn to connect in.
Plug in 4th axis air Cable
attach the 4th axis air line to the regulator under the mill’s electrical box.
Press the button marked “SETNG GRAPH”
Located in the DISPLAY section on the mill’s control panel.
Scroll down to #30 using cursor keys
Fastest way to get there is page down
Arrow over to HRT160BL, using cursor keys
Usually two to the right
Press “WRITE” to activate the 4th axis.
sends command to computer
Release (pull out) the emergency stop button
To allow movement of HAAS
Press “RESET” button on the mill’s control panel
double press reset to turn off flashing light
Place a straight shaft in the chuck of the 4th axis
Dowel rod from the fastener section works well. You can also ask Russ for straight shaft.
Indicate the shaft to align 4th axis with the x-axis
Using an indicator dial attached to the mill head. Run dial indicator back and forth until and adjust until no movement is seen on dial.
Tighten down the clamp bolts and double-check the shaft alignment
Makes sure 4th Axis is aligned and stationary
Use an edge finder to locate the Y zero
Center of 4th axis
Installation is complete!!!
4th Axis is ready for use
Uninstalling the 4th axis
Press the emergency stop button
To guarantee safety
Disconnect the two electric cables and the air line
Hold air line firmly so it won't go flying.
Press the button marked “SETNG GRAPH” in the DISPLAY section on the mill’s control panel
Gets you to the setting menu
Scroll down to #30
It will say HRT160BL then arrow over to the left until it says "off" to turn of 4th axis
Press “WRITE” to deactivate the 4th axis
Saves changes
Release (pull out) the emergency stop button
to allow use again
Hit reset twice
Turns off flashing light
Remove T-Nuts and T Bolts before removing 4th axis with hoist.
Protects HAAS Machine from getting damaged.
Place 4th axis back where you got it


File:2014L 4th Axis.pdf

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