Aerodynamic Jump and Bullet Stability

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This project is to find the center of mass of bullets in order to improve testing procedures for Vista Outdoors. By locating the center of mass we find a correlation between an offset center of mass and irregular bullet paths.

Team Name Class Accuracy
Duration Fall 2018 - Spring 2019
Faculty Adviser Dr. Daniel Cordon
Mentor Brandon Hilliard
Client Vista Outdoors
Team Members
  • Dustin Gross
  • Dustan Paul
  • Geoffrey Wood
  • Atticus Zborowski

Problem Definition[edit]


Typical bullet makeup consists of a lead alloy core and a copper alloy jacket. Irregularities in subsurface bullet geometries cause radial dispersion between individual bullets when fired. Current destructive testing methods for bullets do not allow for a direct correlation between measured eccentricities and the radial dispersion of the fired bullets. [If you deconstruct a bullet to measure its eccentricities it is impossible to fire it. Once you fire a bullet its characteristics are modified and original eccentricities are immeasurable.]


A device capable of non-destructive testing for center of mass variance to ± .001 inches for bullet diameters from .224 thru .338 inches. The ideal device could detect variance created by the addition of a cannelure or a plastic tip, have the ability to detect voids between jacket and core, and would detect density variations, or voids, within the lead core.



alt text
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alt text
alt text


We went through the geometry and had wolfram alpha separate out the tipping angle then we used Matlab to solve for the uncertainty.

alt text
alt text
alt text
alt text


alt text

Team Information[edit]

Team "Class Acuracy"
Picture Biography Discipline
Dustin Gross
2018 ClassAccuracy DustinPic.jpg
  • Hometown: Bayview Idaho
  • Graduation Date: May 2019
  • Future Goals: Board member of a publically traded company
  • Email:
Mechanical Engineering
Dustan Paul
2018 ClassAccuracy DustanPic.jpg
  • Hometown: Minnesota
  • Graduation Date: May 2019
  • Future Goals: Work in Industry
  • Email:
Mechanical Engineering
Geoffrey Wood
2018 ClassAccuracy GeoffreyPic.jpg
  • Hometown: Rathdrum Idaho
  • Graduation Date: May 2019
  • Future Goals: Build something and help society
Mechanical Engineering
Atticus Zborowski
2018 ClassAccuracy Atticus Bio.jpg
  • Hometown: Boise, Idaho
  • Graduation Date: May 2019
  • Future Goals: Become the smartest human ever and conquer the world...or work in industry.
Mechanical Engineering

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