Mastercam Verification and G-Code

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This tutorial will walk you through final machine selection, verification, and G-code generation

Image Step
Mastercam Verify Replace.jpg

Once your toolpaths are complete, save your part and open it on the computer in the machine shop. Once you have it open in the shop, expand the "Properties" tree and follow the file path shown on the left. Select "HASS MILL" from the machine list and then click 'Open'. You will need to regenerate all of your toolpaths.

Mastercam Verify Animate.jpg

To verify that your code still does what you want it to do, click the leftmost circled button in the image shown to select all operations. Then click the center circled button to regenerate the selected toolpaths. Finally, click the rightmost circled button in the image shown to play an animation of your code being run on the machine.

Mastercam Verify Animation.jpg

This screen will open after completing the previous step. Set your view speed to as low as possible, speeding it up as necessary while viewing the operations. If there are any major errors (drills staying down while changing position, endmills running above the stock, etc.) you need to go back and edit your toolpaths.

Mastercam Verify G-code.jpg

When everything looks good, click the G1 button. Click the greeen check mark when the "Post Processing" window appears. A "Save As" window will open. Make sure you save the code as a .NC file and that you save it with a new name and/or location.

Mastercam Verify CodeExpert.jpg

Once your code has a file destination, the Mastercam Code Expert application will launch.

Mastercam Verify Code.jpg

Once Mastercam Code Expert has loaded, you should see a screen with a code on it similar to the one shown to the left. If you have any experience with G-code, you should look over the code and see if there are any lines that obviously don't belong. If everything looks good, you are ready to run your code on the HAAS Mill.