Power Lab Motor Design and Experiment

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Team Name Pursuers
Duration Spring 2019 - Fall 2019
Faculty Adviser
  • Dr.Herbert Hess
  • Mentor Names
  • Name / Organization
Team Members
  • Yuanchen Yan
  • Almutairi Khalid
  • Jintong Zhang

The goal of the project is to create new lab experiments that help students in ECE 420 to get familiar with doubly fed induction machine.

Problem Definition[edit]

1.How to design a variable frequency power generation system? 2.How to use it to give power? 3.What machines do we need?


In order to meet the needs of different experiments, power supply is provided in the electric power laboratory. After rectifying and inverting the original power, the voltage and frequency are more stable than the traditional power generation system, the output waveform is clean, the harmonic content is less, and the speed is insensitive.


So far, the project has been completed. Two experiments were designed to help students understand and use DC machine and double fed induction machine. In the next few columns, you'll see the results and the "snapshots" and "presentation" for these two semesters.



It is a wound type induction generator. A line-wound induction generator directly connected to a fixed-frequency three-phase grid by the stator windings. It can control the reactive power and decouple the active power and reactive power control by independently controlling the rotor excitation current. Doubly-fed induction generators are not excited from the grid, but from the rotor circuit. It can also generate reactive power, which can be transmitted to the stator via the grid-side converter.

 DFIG consists of stator and rotor. The follow is an introduction of stator and rotor. 
 The stator is the stationary part of the machine. The stator is composed of stator core, stator winding and frame. The stator's main function is to generate a rotating magnetic field. The stator is composed of a frame, a stator core, a coil, and other structures that hold these parts in place. The stator core is the main magnetic circuit of the stator and is also the mounting and fixing part of the stator winding.
 A rotor is a rotating body supported by a bearing. When it runs, centrifugal inertial force will be generated, and affect the strength and mechanical efficiency of the rotor. The rotor is properly balanced. Redistributing the mass of its parts to reduce the centrifugal inertia force generated during rotation.
                                           This is the picture for DFIG. The left side is stator. The right side is rotor.

                                                                            Test Table

This is a table to measure the value. It covers voltage, current, and power. People can use it to measure the line voltage and phase voltage then verify whether the number is correct. Current also can use this way to verify.

Test table.jpg

                                                                         Load bank

It is the resistance bank. People can add it to the experiment then change the value of resistance. It covers one phase load bank and three phase load bank in the power lab laboratory.

Load Bank.jpg

                                                                         Power supply

Power supply can provide the voltage to the machine. When connect it to the machine. People can change the current or voltage in power supply than change the speed of machine( The first experiment will introduce more about this).


Project Learning[edit]

Knowing the function of different machines so that we can use different machines to satisfy different circuit requirements.

Final Design[edit]

                                            Experiment 1:DC Motor and Doubly Fed Induction Generator              
DC and DFIG.jpg
                                            Experiment 2:DC Generator and Doubly Fed Induction Motor
DC and DFIM.jpg


Team Members[edit]

Yuanchen Yan.jpg

Name: Yuanchen Yan

Major: Electric Engineering

Hometown: China

Responsibility: Leader



Name: Almutairi Khalid

Major: Electric Engineering

Hometown:Saudi Arabia


Email: almu4958@vandals.uidaho.edu

Jintong Zhang.jpg

Name: Jintong Zhang

Major:Electric Engineering


Responsibility:Create website

Email: zhan1662@vandals.uidaho.edu

Additional Documentation[edit]



Meeting Minutes

File:Notes for meeting.pdf




File:Design Final.pdf


File:Synchronous machine.pdf
File:DFIG and DC machine.pdf

Lab Reports

File:Report of DFIG.pdf
File:Report of DFIM.pdf