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Denso Robotic Arm

Team Name Team CSRM
Team Members
  • Reb Revels
  • Cameron Spaulding
  • Michael Meyer
  • Smirthya Somaskantha Iyer
  • Duration Summer - Fall 2017
    Client [1]
    Faculty Advisers Dr. Steven Beyerlein
    Mentor Alex Olson
    Previous Projects

    Team CSRM is tasked with restoring the robotic arms within the manufacturing cell to working condition, and designing simple manufacturing processes that can be used as demonstrations in a future course on robotic manufacturing at the University. We also want to install a vision system on the robots to remotely check the progress of tasks that the robot is doing.


    Design Task[edit]

    Problem Statement

    The Mechanical Engineering Department wants to use the Denso Arms in a course on robotic manufacturing. Our main goal is to design a manufacturing process that can be used as a demonstration in this course. We also want to design a vision system that can be integrated into the robot arms so that the process can be done with almost no human interaction.


    1. Design and setup a manufacturing process that the robot arms can perform.

    2. Create a vision system using cameras and sensors so that a person outside the cell can see in detail if the process is working as intended and so the robot can identify between different parts

    3. Fix the Interlock safety system that shuts down the robot if the cell door is opened.

    4. Create documentation for how to connect the wires of the robot so that they may be unplugged and moved easily if needed.

    Design Specifications[edit]

    1. Our manufacturing process must mimic a real manufacturing process that a robot would perform in a factory.

    2. The process must be reversible

    3. The robot must be able to do the whole process by itself. Can't have a human handing parts to the robot.

    4. Vision system needs to include a camera and a way for the robot to identify between different parts.

    Manufacturing Process[edit]

    Initial Process Idea

    The manufacturing process that the robot arms will demonstrate is fastening screws to a plate. The plate will have holes at different locations and the robot will be programmed to go to those locations and activate a screwdriver that is connected to the end. The process will be reversible as well so we can also have the robot remove the screws from the plate. The end effector that we design will have a screwdriver, something to grab objects with, and some sort of scanner that it can use to identify different parts. We want to have different variations of plates that the robot will have to identify then decide which program to run based on which part it is.

    Team Members[edit]