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Sponsors Micron Foundation
Team Name Horsemen of the Epiglottis
Duration 2018 - 2019
Faculty Adviser
  • Feng Li
  • Eric Booth
  • Ujjwal Roy
Team Members
  • Hailey Johnson
  • Wei Zhao
  • Jordan Cates

The goal of this project is to build off of last year's Speech Therapy App, adding additional features such as a Database and GUI. This setup should allow for much easier access to child speech data. The database should allow the program to be easily expanded upon.

Problem Definition[edit]

Our project consists of the development of a database for a speech therapy application developed in previous years. The database will consist of secure user account information, vocal recordings from the users, and recordings used for machine learning.


Around 1 in 12 children require speech therapy in the US. Our sponsor’s daughter began speech therapy, and soon after, he recognized the need for readily available speech therapy tools. This led Eric Booth and Ujjwal Roy to begin a project to do just that. Research has shown that the effectiveness of speech therapy directly correlates to the number of quality repetitions the participant does. They also found that, although many speech analysis tools exist, they are all lacking in the same way. They are not nearly as effective on children as they are on adults. In part, this is due to the unpredictable changes in children’s speech, but the main problem is the lack of data. Child speech is covered by numerous laws such as COPPA and HIPAA that make the collection and use of data difficult. This program can help people better understand what children with impediments are struggling with. The fact it is planned to be open source leads to even more possibilities. It provides the chance for communities of developers to alter it for use in other regions. On top of that, its convenience allows more time for children to work on their speech.


  • Secure database that stores account information and vocal recordings
  • Different User Accounts
    • Therapist
    • User
    • Researcher
  • Ability to sort and display specific data sets
  • Ability for researchers to submit speech data to the database

Team Members[edit]

[[File: |400px|thumb|left]] Hailey Johnson

Major: CE
Hometown: Stanwood, WA
Responsibility: Team leader, Meeting planning
Email: john3817@vandals.uidaho.edu

[[File: |180px|thumb|left]] Wei Zhao

Major: CS
Hometown: Taixing, Jiangsu, China
Responsibility: Budget, assisting with Documentation
Email: zhao3940@vandals.uidaho.edu

[[File: |180px|thumb|left]] Jordan Cates

Major: CS
Hometown: Coeur d'Alene, ID
Responsibility: Meeting minutes, Portfolio, Wikimaster
Email: cate9783@vandals.uidaho.edu

Additional Documentation[edit]

Project Schedule


Meeting Minutes