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  • Dr. Michael Maughan
Team Name Vulcan
Duration Fall 2017 - Spring 2018
  • Jonathan Buch
  • Tim Clemans
  • Michael Madsen
  • James Young

The goal of this project is to customize existing 3D Plastic Printer software to handle the requirements of a 3D Metal Printer.

Problem Definition[edit]

Current printing software is not customized for a 3D metal printer.


The Mark I 3D Metal Printer requires a custom print instructions file. Currently users must manually modify the printer instructions file that is created by the Slicer software.

Vulcan_3dprinter1.JPG Mark I Printer


  • Slic3r software customized to produce 3D metal printer instructions. Slic3r takes a 3D model, "slices" it into print layers and creates printing instructions for the Printer.

Vulcan_slic3r_img1.jpg Slicer

  • OctoPrint software customized for 3D metal printing. Octoprint is the interface between the Printer and the printing instructions created by Slic3r.

Vulcan_octoprint_img1.jpg OctoPrint

Printing Process[edit]


Team Goals and Objectives[edit]

To improve the quality of the VandalForge Software while extending usability to allow further customization for future project endeavors.

Goals for Slicing Software

  • Easy to use
  • Integrates with OctoPrint
  • Modify the GCode output for immediate use with Forgeware
  • Can remove horizontal shells, infill, and interaction
  • Modify Slic3r with the ability to store temperature data from an active
  • Add additional options for heat and temperature control
  • Add Real time slicing

Goals for Hosting Software

  • Have convenient GUI for ease of use
  • Updates with print info in real time
  • Remove the plastic printer exclusive options from GUI
  • Add functionality using a regular and infrared camera
  • Add a real time temperature display of the active print




Fall 2017

  • Gather Specifications and Research Software
  • Research OctoPrint Host Software
  • Customize GCode File output via Slic3r Software
  • Design Review

Spring 2018

  • Make Modifications to OctoPrint Software
  • Investigate new Printing Algorithms for Slic3r
  • Integrate with the Mark I Metal Printer
  • Add Features specific for the Mark II Metal Printer

Team Information[edit]

Vulcan team picture.jpeg

From left: James Young, Tim Clemans, Michael Madsen, Jonathan Buch

Document Archive[edit]